Iboga is an entheogen, or plant medicine, that has been used traditionally in a ceremonial setting for thousands of years. Similarly to ayahuasca, it is psychedelic in that it induces a visionary state but the two ancient medicines have far more differences than they do similarities.

The visions produced by iboga(ine) therapy typically last 12 - 18 hours and are accompanied by significant physical discomfort. The visions are typically indirect and obscure which can mean that the process of understanding and integrating an iboga experience can be long and confusing. Despite these challenges, an iboga experience can be one of the most profound and life changing experiences.

 Iboga(ine) can sometimes provide insights to past patterns and behaviors in an individual’s life and personality which helps people realize what changes they need and want for personal growth and success in their lives. These visions also usually come with feelings of gratitude, acceptance and peace from matters of the past, allowing a user to focus on their future and the potential it can hold. It is in this matter that ibogaine excels in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions of the mind.

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